November 29, 2020
December 3, 2019
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The Portable Coffee Maker

Group project

FEB 2021 - JUL 2021



Portable coffee machines have been around for several decades, but their popularity has increased in recent years with the rise of single-serve coffee pods and the growing demand for convenience and mobility. The first single-serve coffee machine, the Senseo, was introduced in the Netherlands in 2001, and similar machines from other manufacturers soon followed. In recent years, portable coffee machines that use pods or capsules, such as the Keurig and Nespresso, have become increasingly popular. Additionally, the development of compact, lightweight, and battery-powered portable coffee machines has made it even more convenient for people to enjoy their coffee on-the-go.

It is due to this rising popularity in portable coffee machines that Princess tasked me to create a concept of a portable coffee machine that could be released into the market.  The client also placed a great importnace on the products materials and technology so that it can outcompete the competition.


The goal of the project was to create a portable coffee maker true to the identity of PRINCESS. The basic premise was simple: to create a fully portable hand held coffee maker.  However, we weren't trying to create a luxourios machine, but a coffee maker that was also stationary and affordable. Our ambitions were to create a strong foundation that embraced a rapidly evolving demographic and a more diverse user base.



I led the ideation and conceptualisation phase of the aesthetics and collaborated with three other designers on the interior and materials. I was also responsible for the modelling and UI.

In addition, I worked alongside my teammates in early research, content strategy and product managing.

Due to the project happening during a covid-confinement, I was not able to do advanced physical prototypes and instead focused on creating as many visual renders as possible. 

The project was finalised officially on July the 2nd, 2021.


The rise in popularity for coffee makers

Portable coffee makers are popular for several reasons.

The problems of portable coffee makers



The client liked a set of concepts that resembled a cup. I decided to further diverge into them by creating new concepts that were inspired by portable coffee cups.

With the concepts decided I procceded to create rapid foam models with the size and dimmensions and tested it with the target group. Once I had the results I decided to continue detailing the most desired concept.


Quality coffee for when you are on the go