November 29, 2020


The Future of Tradition

Individual  project

NOV 2022 - JAN 2023



I started my own theoretical shoe brand as a portfolio project to showcase my skills and passion for fashion. I saw an opportunity in the market for shoes that combined style, comfort, and innovation and wanted to bring my vision to life. My background in design, marketing, and business equipped me with the skills and experience needed to create a high-quality theoretical shoe brand. This project is an opportunity for me to demonstrate my creativity and expertise in the fashion industry and to build a brand that is synonymous with quality, creativity, and innovation. Although this is only a theoretical project, I am excited to bring my unique perspective to the world of footwear and to see where this project takes me in the future.

MBÓLÓ: The Future of Tradition

M’bóló! or greetings in Fang, a Central-African ethnic group. with this word I want to welcome you to experience the mix of african art and modern wear.

Mbóló suggests the new look of the modern generation is complex, interesting and contemporary in style. Mbóló represents the coexistence of the present modern people and those who want to bring up the tradition in them.


I, as an individual, was always fascinated by the rich culture and traditions of Central Africa. The vibrant colours, intricate patterns, and unique use of materials in their artwork caught my attention and sparked my creativity. I was particularly drawn to the traditional masks and sculptures, which showcased their intricate designs and use of natural materials.

I incorporated bold colours and intricate patterns into my shoe designs, creating pieces that are not only fashionable but also pay homage to the rich cultural heritage of Central Africa. My goal was to bring a new perspective to the world of footwear design, and I am proud to say that my shoes have been well received by those who appreciate both fashion and art.




The decision to create environment-resistant shoes was driven by a desire to provide footwear that can withstand challenging or extreme conditions, such as wet or muddy environments, rocky terrain, or exposure to chemicals or other hazards. Additionally, environment-resistant shoes are a more sustainable choice, as they are designed to last longer and reduce the need for frequent replacement. Ultimately, the specific reasons for developing environment-resistant shoes came from my experience travelling to different countries where I required environment-resistant footwear that still looked good.