I’m Aitor

I'm a designer based in The Hague, with a keen eye for user experience, brand language, concept development, research and visuals.


In design projects, I face challenges by focusing on functionality and aesthetics in a multidisciplinary manner. I place great importance on being creative and experimenting on developing the best results possible. Throughout my studies, I also developed an intuitive focus on environmental friendliness and find inspiration in nature as well as culture.

"My interest in design and art developed from an early age. The exposure to different cultures, ideas and ways of thinking sparked my creativity, making my designs more unique, innovative and different from other designers"


Growing up in a multicultural environment I was exposed to different styles, aesthetics, and ways of thinking, which broadened my perspective on design. This, in my opinion, made me have a better understanding of how to incorporate different cultural elements into my work.

Being exposed to different cultures has helped me become more adaptable and open to new ideas, which is an important trait in the design field.

I also learned to appreciate, think and analyse the impact that products and designs have on local ecosystems. A balance with nature and the usage of it in a conscious way is also a driving focus of my design thinking.